Wildlife photography is my all time favourite! I don’t like pets, but I love wild animals… to photograph and see them in the wild(ofcourse)!

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  1. Ed

    Excellent shot of the whole family..:-))

  2. Henry G L

    🙂 🙂 as usual we always think alike, what a great ‘Big A** Show’

  3. dibear

    Terrific!! Wonderful composition. Super subjects. 🙂

  4. Sam Starr

    Great shot ………. will be smiling all day 😉

  5. George61d

    Lovely use of light.

  6. Lori Skoog

    Boy, do you know how to travel and capture great shots!

  7. Sherry in MT

    THAT is PERFECT! Black and white is awesome for these guys.

  8. aurora

    Amazing shot, you can see every wrinkle!

  9. ladyfi

    Awesome shot!

  10. Laloofah

    I adore elephants and agree that the lighting in this wonderful photo is really something special (as are the subjects!) 🙂

    I love wildlife too, and wildlife photography – getting the opportunity to capture a great photo of a wild critter always feels like a very special and generous gift. And I wish the only shooting of animals was done only and always with cameras!

    I do also love my companion animals (a horse, three rescued dogs and two rescued mice), but don’t like the word “pets,” which I find condescending and infers ownership as well as superiority.

  11. nia

    How beautiful… Thank you for visiting my blog, I am so glad to meet with your amazing photographs… With my love, nia

  12. Viveka

    Wow … this is some amazing photo – even if they are big – are they such gentle creatures. Fantastic job here.


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