My first post on Macro Monday. A common theme, but still…


I used a Nikon D90 with Sigma 70-300mm 5.6 Micro+Zoom(one of the cheapest lens from Sigma).  No VR with this lens.

Now you tell me..if its a good buy or not!!!

I think I should add some more photos just to tell you more about my new lens, Here we go,

with 300mm Micro..


another one…


With 300mm Zoom normal..


It took me around 100 clicks to get this one proper shot! They fly like bullets! 😀

Share your thoughts!!


  1. Carsten

    These are very good. Its hard to choose a favourite photo among them. But the red dragon fly! I have never seen this color before. Amazing…

  2. Wildblack

    Thanks Carsten! Yeah, Thats a red dragonfly. first time for me too. Glad I had my camera with me!

  3. Ed

    Amazing Dragonfly! You got a very good deal on the lend, no need for a new one..:-)

  4. dibear

    Niven these are really beautiful macro shots. I especially like the water drops, but the dragonfly is spectacular. Good job.

  5. kcjewel

    i caught myself stretching my neck to see what was inside the dew drops… fabulous photo!

  6. Henry G L

    Dew dropz; Great shot! The dark environment and the magicz inside d droplet addz to it

    Dew dropz 2; Wow! Its like 3D dude, fantastic angle

    Red dragon; thatz somthn called effort, superb detail on the dragon, especially the
    webz on its wingz and gelly glowz on tail

    Flower; gud one……….bright colours and the timin, I can guess how long it wud’v stayed freezed for u to make that shot so quickly

    Take off; Gr8 shot n gr8 frame………my top rated one among them…….. the best part is the trail of the bird, 0 disturbance to the water around (vertical lift jet?) cool one mate

    keep rockin

  7. Niidheesh

    Really great photos.. Dew drops- good one.. the water droplets- it have fine details amazing.. with its reflections in it.. dragon fly.. great to see one of that with fine details.. you could do better.. The flower and the bee.. great focus.. i love it..(need to thank the bee for it.. lol)
    and the bird.. man.. that is timing.. real good.. could bave made better with little more focus.. Totally amazing job bro.. keep clicking..

  8. chloë

    holy F**k niv; that dragonfly is WOW amazing
    the detail is incredible i’m extremely envious now, booo to you
    i keep scrolling back up to see it again
    those wings, the body & tail, that’s stunning

    amazing micro photographs & you’re well on the way with your new lens x

  9. chloë

    haha okay 🙂
    yeah took it with my 18-55
    focal length was 55
    aperture priority; f/5.6

    i also had my 4x magnifying filter on, so that gave it the macro/ness

  10. SighMan

    Excellent shots! REALLY good effort without VR, I sometimes struggle with my non-stabilised 60mm macro hand-held, clearly too much coffee. Rather than sing the praises that everyone has already said, I’ll probably say the dew images could still be a tiny bit sharper but this will definately come with more shooting. I’m comparing these to the razor sharp detail on your black and white water bottle shot – that one is stuck in my head! You have serious patience for that last shot, good job.

  11. WildBlack

    You are right Simon. The dew drops aren’t that sharp enough. Maybe I was not in the perfect posture to take those shots. My hands wasn’t that steady either, that day. So I had to compensate with a faster shutter speed.
    Glad you pointed out that issue! 😀 I’ll keep that in mind, next time.
    Thanks man!

  12. Linda

    These are absolutely AWESOME! You have totally inspired me to go out and look for detail!!

  13. CheyAnne Sexton

    boy you aren’t kidding about ‘flying like bullets’. I love golindrinas! They are one of my favorite birds. I’ll have to post a photo I did from my backyard last year. but your other shots are incredible as well. I really like the first one of the drops of dew on the blade of grass. How fun to get a new lens. keep up the great posts
    peace n abundance


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