JeepsWho told you that Abu Dhabi is not such a happening place?!? Look around! Are you blind or what!!!!!!

Custom modified Jeeps at Barbican Turbo 2009. Barbican Turbo – The Middle East’s hottest custom, tuning, car, motorcycle and motorsports festival! 😀

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  1. burstmode

    I shall have to show this to my brother, he is a jeep lover…never have understood why!!!

  2. Ed

    Being a Jeep lover. I love this shot! Do you have a before pic?? 🙂

  3. Lisa

    Thats pretty awesome!

  4. kateri

    I may not be a Jeep lover, but I just googled Abu Dhabi and that sounds like a pretty cool place. =) I really like what you did with the photo. Hard to believe you are not a profession photographer!

  5. dibear

    This shot of the jeeps is really cool. Great photoshop work. 🙂


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