Macro Monday: The Blood Crown

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The result of a new experiment with my camera …not the very best…. but still here it is..

Blood-crown Ok! I admit that, I’m getting too ambitious, with just a D90 and a sigma 70-300mm lens with no additional equipment for lighting, to do these kinda stuff. But who cares?!?

Camera settings: Focal length-195mm, f/5.6 – the best the lens could offer, 1/1250 -anything higher would be a pure blackout, Iso – 2500 – higher the more noisy it gets.

Additional settings: A britelight torch, a couple of hands for directing the torch to the subject, another couple of hands to drop the milky drops (ofcourse, thats milk!)

Yup!! very unconventional & primitive!!

Share your thoughts!!


  1. Ed

    Very cool, that takes alot of patience and timing to do, not to mention alot of trial and error. Like my lightning shots..:-)
    Welll Done.

  2. Colleen

    I could never manage to capture that shot. Great job and thanks for showing us something different.

  3. Mari

    This is amazing what patience you have my dear.

  4. Jan in Washington USA

    Man you keep raising the bar!!! I would love to shadow you and your camera for a day! Very Cool picture, as usual!

  5. cherie de castro

    thank you fro saying that’s milk, hahaha!! excellent shot!

  6. chloe

    i love it, very creative 🙂

  7. Laughing Orca Ranch

    I wasn’t sure that was milk. lol! Good for you and your patience and creativity. Great job!


  8. dibear

    Great shot Nivin. That’s pretty interesting milk! How did you get that coloring?

  9. myfrenchkitchen

    Still great…a bit of alternative photography..I like it. It reminds me of Paul McCartney’s song “We all stand together” …hie hie

  10. Nicisme

    I keep meaning to have a go at some water drops, these are fabulous! You made it sound easy, LOL!

  11. Quinn

    Love how the colors turned out- well done!

  12. Annette

    Amazing shot! I am just wow’d.

  13. thecrazysheeplady

    Yikes! What kind of milk are you drinking out there? Sort of looks like you need to spend less time “playing” with your camera and more time cleaning out your frig ;-).

    Seriously – great shot!

  14. Olive

    Hats off to your patience! nice try…worth the effort!

  15. Beyond Bluestockings

    Thecrazysheeplady, you’re funny! 😀

    Nivin, thanks for sharing the “how to” of your experiment. Ambitious indeed, but worth the effort!

  16. flowerweaver

    Amazing shot! Not having the proper lenses, I would have had the stuff all over me and my camera! Great job on the capture!

  17. Steffie

    The trick is of course to press that shutter at just the right moment. You obviously managed to do that. And apparently you have a lot of personnel around. Nothing primitive about that 😉 No need anymore to say that it is a great shot. Still wondering though where that red comes from….

  18. kateri

    Impressive shot. Though I am with crazysheeplady…not sure that I want to drink THAT milk. =) LOL.

  19. WildBlack

    Thanks Ed. Ofcourse it takes a lot of patience.

    Thanks Bernie Kasper.

    Thanks Colleen. Something different at times are very refreshing 🙂

    Thanks Mari 🙂

    Thanks Jan 🙂

    Thanks Cherie! it was pure cow milk! 😉

    Thanks Chloe 🙂

    Thanks Lisa! That’s milk! I assure you! 😉

    Thanks Di! you asked the right question! It was because of the red light from behind! 🙂

    Thanks Ronelle! We all stand together 🙂 Glad you did something different too, this monday 🙂

    Thanks Nicisme! It was easy, if you have a lot of patience 😉

    Thanks Gina, Thanks Quinn, Thanks Annette 🙂

    Thanks Crazysheeplady! That was something different! lol! 😛

    Thanks Olive! Hope you let me do this even after 4-5 months 😛

    Thanks Jo! CSL is a lil crazy!lol! Very ambitious 🙂

    Thanks Flowerweaver 🙂 With such a big zoom lens, I kept my distance, so there was no problem of splashing the milk all over the equipment! 🙂

    Thanks Steff! 🙂 Yeah, I had my friends with me for this effort. Red is just the colour reflected from behind, it became more obvious when I adjusted the contrast! 🙂

    Thanks Kateri! But we did drink that milk! We made tea with that milk. It was not wasted anyways! 🙂


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