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  1. chloe

    hey mate 🙂
    the wings on that fly are incrediable! wow

    p.s might have good news on the job front.. interview went well today 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I love the first photogragh! Both are great pictures!

  3. Ed

    very cool!!

  4. colleen

    The first shows the promise of a beautiful flower when in bloom, water giving it life to grow. Amazing. The second….not sure I have the words to say just how cool it is.

  5. dibear

    Great job Nivin. Love the flower bud with the water droplets the best. 🙂

  6. giiid

    Wow, beautiful photos, and realy nice together.

  7. Laughing Orca Ranch

    Spectacular! I mean it. That first photo begs to be painted. The colors, the texture, the tactile aspect of it. You captured it all! Awesome!

    And that second photo has a sort of maternal aspect to it, as if the insect is embracing the flower as it ‘suckles’. I really love these, truly. You did good!


  8. flowerweaver

    The wings of the fly remind me of a tiffany glass lampshade! Very cool! And, of course, I love the flower bud. Nice!

  9. Rebekah

    Oh beautiful! The bud is gorgeous, but your capture of the insect on the flower is spectacular.

  10. kcjewel

    your macro monday’s are always great, but these are my favorites so far. very nice and i agree with laughing… the first one would make a beautiful painting!!

  11. Jennifer

    Those are beautiful! Love the first one with all the wonderful colors! I can’t believe the detail you have on the wings of the bee on the second! Great job!

  12. Jan in Washington USA

    I always are amazed at your wonderful shots…your pictures are the bar I strive for!

  13. kateri

    The colors in that first one are amazing. I think that is one of my favorite photos ever.

  14. Beyond Bluestockings

    Hard to say which I like better – I like them both for different reasons 🙂

  15. June

    Y’know…it’s just a bee….but LOOK at the way its wings are put together in just that way…so perfectly symmetrical. There is nothing man-made that is so beautifully designed!


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