Let’s begin this week with some Yummy Tangy Lil spicy dishes from India and China.

Chicken 65! Crispy and Spicy! 😉

Fish Manchurian! Yummmmmy!! 🙂

Beef stir fry! Tangy and smells heavenly 😀

Fried baby Corns! Yummy n Tangy 😉

Chicken Schezwan! Spicy n Tangy 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed the flavours and fragrance of my Macro Mondays 😉

Share your thoughts!!


  1. ann chin

    I will have the first and 4th please. They look so delicious.

  2. Regular Guy

    I’ll take the beef and the chicken. Nice pics, I can almost smell them in my kitchen.

  3. Ed

    Great shots, now my stomach is rumbling..:-)

  4. Brenda

    Where’s the cashew chicken? That’s my favorite! ok, it that supper or leftovers?

  5. Far Side of Fifty Photos

    I have not even heard of those kinds of food here in Minnesota..we are just plain meat and potatoes kind of people. Real simple food. I am not sure I would be brave enough to try any of these dishes:(

  6. dibear

    YUM! Nivin, I LOVE spicey. Very interesting looking dishes. I’d like to try these. 🙂

  7. shaz

    daiiiiii………ethoke aaraaa thinnu theerthathu…………….


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