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  1. Expatriate Games

    Hey that’s a fun shot! Hope all is well with you, I am trying to get caught up today!

  2. WildBlack

    All is very well. Nice to hear from you again.

  3. CheyAnne Sexton

    wow this is really wonderful with the smoke in the light streams, down to the bottle of agua.

  4. chloë

    i agree with cheryanne, beautiful 🙂
    this one is frame nicely too

  5. Steffie

    Great series with really beautiful light. This last one I love the most. Great composition. You can feel the anticipation of the people waiting for the musicians to appear. That bottle of water(?) is a nice finishing touch.

  6. Anthony

    This is really excellent light you’ve captured, and as a fairly frequent performer (booked for two shows yesterday, playing on a local radio show Thursday, etc.) it really gets to me. So much feeling and energy goes into a performance, and this perfectly captures the “calm before the storm” so to speak.

    I’ve been really busy with the semester ending, and I really won’t have much (or any) shooting time until this weekend. I have even more new gear though, so I can’t wait to get out there and play with it. Keep up the great work man- this is excellent.


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