Drift Night

Time to burn some rubberrrr!!!

Yas Drift Night

Feeling bored of the straight roads, try your hand at drifting. A bit of oversteer with enough lack of traction and there you go!!

Ever heard of ‘Kunimitsu Takahashi’, a former Japanese professional racing driver. He is considered as the ‘father of drifting’, for his use of drifting technics in the Touring car championship races in 1970s.

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver oversteers intentionally, with rear wheels kicking sideways loosing traction, yet maintaining the controlled movement through the entirety of a corner. It’s not about the speed, but all about control, precision and style!!

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  1. Mohammad

    Amazing pictures I can smell the rubber

  2. Henry

    Awesome crisp shots buddy, glad yu got there. Missing gud old dayz

    • Nivin Kadar

      Thanks Henz 🙂 Let’s keep up the spirits for 2020 trip.

  3. ShadulyMZ

    Ohh dear stunning collection of marvelous photos.great work …hatsoff

    • Nivin Kadar

      Thanks Bro 🙂 🙂 Next time let’s go together


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