Sometimes.. Size doesn’t matter!!

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Especially when it comes to elephant tamers.. size doesn’t matter. The bond between a man and his elephant can sometimes go beyond imagination. Most of the elephant caretakers, I know or have seen at my home town, takes the afternoon nap on the floor between the legs of his standing elephant 🙂 Isn’t that something !?!:D

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  1. Elephant's Child

    Beautiful photo. And it is my belief that size rarely matters.

  2. Ed

    Great shot! 🙂

  3. Henry G L

    brilliant green and the elephant black really contrasts powerfully.

    In kerala, the elephants are widely used to generate income by the owner either to present this majestic animal heavily decorated for festivals or in timber factorys and woods to do labor. It is said for the care taker an elephant is a ‘death bread’ it is then the size really matters.

    I would only love to see this amazing creature in wild, between the greens, free and roaming

  4. Dibear

    Great shot. Do you have any personal pets?

  5. Sherry in MT

    An amazing photo but even more amazing story. Definitely the largest of our pet photos I am sure!

  6. Lori Skoog

    Another stunning catch! Loved the story that went along with it.

  7. Kris

    Beautiful photo. That really is something.

  8. Martine

    Beautiful shot.

  9. Mark

    Wonderful shot! that is definitely something.

  10. WildBlack

    No Di. I’m not really a pet person 🙂

  11. WildBlack

    I do get lucky in photographing animals. 🙂


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