Hi Friends,

This photoseries is for all those who missed the

RED BULL AIR RACE World Championship 2009 in Abu Dhabi-

I tried my best to recreate  the whole lap of  the race through my photos. I’ve divided them into 9 stages. Never tried this before!! So please bear with those inevitable imperfections. Your sincere comments and critiques will be highly appreciated.

…. Here We Go….

..passing the checkered pylons…and the clock starts ticking…

The total length of the race track is approximately 5-6 kilometres(3-4 miles). It consists of a series of inflatable pylon pair known as ‘Air Gates’. Pilots must fly the race track, through the Air Gates in a predefined orderin the fastest possible time. But its not just about speed. Pilots must passs between the Air Gates in the correct position(either level or knife flying) taking care not to touch them with their wings. Any mistakes incur penalty seconds which are then added to the pilot’s time. So they have no option but to be PRECISE, with the beast(6 cylinder boxer engine,540 cubic inch, fuel injected with 350 hp) flying with a speed of more than 300km/h.

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  1. chloë

    oh if you ever get the chance to watch american dad, watch it, it’s funny 🙂
    that’s good that you look out for your friends health

    this is a great shot, they’re almost perfectly lined up too 🙂
    (i put up a new post, check it out & let me know what you think)

  2. chloë

    i was real happy with how the rose turned out
    i took the photo with the intention of creating that feel, glad i acheive 🙂

    i’ve heard “when you tell a secret, you realise there was nothing there to hide” – but i don’t believe that, i still think everyone needs secrets something sacred to them selves
    there’s so much to me that i don’t convey through my blog that’s left for my family, friends & partner
    some people bare themselves but i like to keep to myself, the more important parts 🙂
    do you have a partner(?)

  3. Nadiya

    Nice Theme..and a good start too.


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