Sunday Still Fenced!!

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A fence….can be well defined by looking at, what its trying to defend (say..the purpose)!

…worth fencing, I guess !?! It’s better behind the fence than being slaughtered by the poachers!!!!

Fenced-TigerA Royal Bengal Tiger…. not ‘ROYAL’ enough!

FenceNot the typical fence tho!!

Sunset-fenceA normal one! …from this part of the world!

For more fenced Sunday Stillers! 😀 😉


  1. Ebie

    Very impressive shots, love the first one! I think he is Royal enough to be fenced and be safe!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ed

    Very nice, love the last one..:-)

  3. ann chin

    Isn’t is sad that the tiger has to be fenced it? Isn’t it sadder that he was caught at all?

    About two months ago, here in New Zealand a white toger mauled his keeper andkilled him. The poor tiger had to be put down. Very Very sad.

    I don’t like circuses.

    Your second photo, who or what does it keep out? Or is it just a symbolic fence?

  4. dibear

    Really great shots Nivin.

  5. gtyyup

    All are beautiful Nivin…I especially like the colors that you captured in the last photo, but the two-rail fence really draws me…I want to see what’s on the other side of the rise.

  6. chloe

    EXCELLENT, really fine work nivy 🙂
    i love the first one, he’s so cute & looks for gentle <3 you capture a vulnerable moment
    it's really sad how those beautiful creatures are treated 🙁
    p.s loving the shiloutte shot also

  7. chloe

    *eff you wordpress for not posting my comment*

    now i’ve forgotten what i said 🙁
    these are excellent nivy!
    i really love the first photo, he looks so cute & gentle; you captured a vulnerable moment
    it’s terrible how these beautfil creatures are treated 🙁

    p.s loving the shiloutte shot

  8. Quinn

    Of course, all 3 are great, but I think the mood in the second shot is fantastic, not to mention the violet hue!

  9. Laughing Orca Ranch

    That second photo is my favorite! But that third photo is stunning.

    The tiger photo is quite creative, too. 🙂


  10. Steffie

    You managed to come up with something special again.
    The tiger shot is brilliant and I really love the special atmosphere of the second one.

  11. June

    Beautifully done!

  12. thecrazysheeplady

    I can’t think of anything new to leave as a comment. Your photographs are always breathtaking. I can’t even pick a favorite in this group – *maybe* the middle shot.

  13. threecollie

    I love them all, especially the tiger

  14. myfrenchkitchen

    all three beautiful, but stunning number three!
    ronelleCoin Perdu)

  15. Henry G L

    Gr8 shotz mate! 1st is the best for the theme, but my pick is no’ 2. Fantastic creativity.
    No one knowz whatz out there beyond the fence, but still we are all curious; thatz what fence are made for, it simply stops us or warn us.

    The real adventure is to risk to break them………

    I recall a notice where i read on a fencing of tiger pit in a Zoo, it read
    “Trespassing is prohibited, survivors will be prosecuted”……… how smart they made us clear.

  16. Far Side of Fifty Photos

    I love the second shot, perhaps because of the “country” look..and I wonder what it’s purpose is..just to block the road?
    The third is stunning, but the first one just makes me sad..poor guy:)

  17. Shirley

    The blurred rails in the tiger shot are interesting, almost as if we wish they would go away and free that majestic, and sad looking cat.

  18. VioletSky

    That middle fence wouldn’t keep me out from exploring more beyond it…
    The colours in the third one are stunning and nice detail with that flag trying to block the sun.

  19. Holly

    love them all, can’t decide which is a fav as I like something different in each one. Good job!

  20. Carmon

    Thanks so much for the visit and I love, love, love your rose photos! I will definitely look forward to future visits.

  21. Colleen

    Just beautiful….I hope to one day take just as beautiful a picture as you managed to capture.

  22. Debbi

    Great shots!!! love the different “fences”!!

  23. flowerweaver

    All three are lovely! The second is very evocative, and I like the third because it shows the style of your region!

  24. Kelly

    Absolutely fabulous!

  25. Kilauea Poetry

    Due to internet changes here, I got knocked off twice before I could even get in! Well, I think your photos are really far out- each one tells a story..very nice indeed-

  26. jrosey

    Great photos. That tiger is gorgeous. They have such a spirit to them. That second shot is really amazing; there’s so much depth and texture to it. A lot going on in that photo, but not too much to really appreciate the beauty of it. 🙂

  27. Beyond Bluestockings

    Although the third one is just perfect, and commercial looking, the second one is my favourite by far! It has such a …a….? an appealing ambiance is the only way I can think to describe it. Beautiful!

  28. Regular Guy

    Very nice shots. Like that second shot too. The tiger shot is very good and very telling.

  29. Sherri

    Really, really love them all, but second one grabbed me. One I would like to paint. Love the way it captures a mood. Great job!

  30. shaduly

    hoooo dear i was checking who all votes 4the 2nd one ,most goes 4 it ,its awesome and one of my favots ..great hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  31. KacyK

    I do love that rustic tree rail fence in the mist!
    You are very amazing!

  32. Linda

    I love them all but the ethereal quality of the second one give such a sense of mystery I want to go explore there 🙂

  33. Nadiya

    No words at all. just Love it! 😉 😉

  34. Niidheesh

    Fantabulos!! second foto is simply beautiful..!! u rocks dude!

  35. zulluzoe

    Great shots ! Loved the ‘Not the typical fence tho” A beautiful dreamy image, one I would love to explore


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