Hey Friends,

This week I would like to share something special!! …But first of all, the rusty pictures..

…..the view of a Bengal Tiger ‘behind the bars’,

…and a Busted & Rusted!!

For more rust Visit Sunday Stillers! 😀


Just came across this video last weekend. Most of you may know about him. DO watch this video, it chokes your emotion.

And a reliable source confirms that the organisation CHARITY WATER is indeed something reliable.


My better half has volunteered to raise funds for the same cause, and I would be very happy if each one of you could contribute to make a wonderful difference in somebody’s life who has been very unfortunate to even enjoy the basic necessities which we take for granted. You could take this step by visiting this link,

My Charity Water 

I would like to give away couple of my best photos for those who would like to contribute to this cause. The only thing you need to do is to contribute an amount(not less than 60$, please note that you can make a wonderful difference to the life of 3 people with this amount) and let me know by posting a comment or sending an email to me. I’ll send you the full size picture without any watermarks and it can be used for printing or for any other personal use. I’m not selling my picture here, I’m just doing my part for a great cause and I do believe that every drop counts!! 😀

Hope you all can be a part of this!!

I'll keep you posted!

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