SundayStills:Holiday Lights and Decorations

by | Dec 19, 2009 | 21 comments

Hi Friends,

Hope you all are having a good time out there! 😀

For more Holiday Lights and Decorations, Visit Sunday Stillers! 😀


  1. Beyond Bluestockings

    Hey Nivin! Great to see you back 😀

    I like how that last shot has the details of the terrain in sharp relief, and the buildings so well lit. Clever!

  2. Maggie

    I like how the second picture has both the holiday lights and the car lights.

  3. dibear

    WOW! Looks like the USA isn’t the only country that gets into Christmas lights. 🙂 I love the palm trees. 🙂 Welcome back Nivin, I missed you.

  4. kateri

    That last photo is stunning. (well they all are, but I really like the last one.)

  5. Laughing Orca Ranch

    Just stunning. I love the palm trees and the purple lighting. So unusal and so pretty! Great composition and angles, too.

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know you were back. Yes I did miss you, too!!

    Happy Holidays to you,

  6. Lisa

    Those are some awesome shots!

  7. neitherhere

    Welcome back!
    I like the palm trees, they look amazing!

  8. chloe

    it’s about time you posted.

    i have a favourite, the first photograph 🙂 xo

  9. Janice

    Now that’s what I call lit up. Happy to see you here.

  10. myfrenchkitchen

    Beautiful captures…the second one is just stunning! May it be a wonderful christmas for you…


  11. June

    Wonderful colors!!!!
    As someone else said, my favorite is the last. The contrast between the man-made environment and those awesomely pointy mountains! is eyecatching . . . and food for my thoughts.

  12. Holly

    Wecome back, I missed you!

    I love all of them but I think the first one is my fav

  13. Ed

    Welcom back Bro, great shots as always but the second is FANTASTIC!!

  14. Lori Skoog

    Wow! Where are you? Those palms look gorgeous with those lights!

  15. Brenda

    I think the car lights add to the Christmas colors!

  16. katieleigh

    wow, wherever you live looks crazy cool

  17. thecrazysheeplady

    Woohooo – you’re back! Been missing saying “holy crap!”. Love them all, but the second is especially cool.

  18. colleen

    Just beautiful Nivin….so glad you’re back!

  19. Regular Guy

    I like how you captured the lights and colors so well. Welcome back, nice to see your touch again.

  20. flowerweaver

    Purple palms, that’s a cool decoration idea!


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