Hi, I’m Nivin Kadar. A self taught photographer interested in travel, sports, nature and wildlife photography. Professionally, in the field of information security; Passionately, in the world of art, light & colors. For me, photography is all about light and the magic it brings to life.

Ever since I could remember, the amazing photographers who worked behind the scenes for ‘National Geographic’ books and the videographers of BBC wildlife documentaries inspired me to travel and explore nature. Photography helped me to share the story and inspire others. Always enjoyed learning from own experiments and mistakes.

Photography work – I always enjoyed freezing the moment, capturing the ambience, perspectives or drama in nature. I believe in living the moment and capturing how my heart feels and sees it. This space is dedicated to showcase some of the spontaneous and interesting moments which I’ve captured while travelling around… ‘here n there’. Hope you would enjoy your stay and do share your thoughts.


Thank you so much for your interest in my page! Please feel free to drop me a message using this form to ask me any questions, enquire about my photos, travel itinerary, or photography mentoring!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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