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– ABOUT me

I’m Nivin Kadar,

An avid traveller and a passionate photographer.

It’s not uncommon, to develop penchant for photography when bitten by travel bug and I’m no different. Easily inspired by nature and artwork, though habitually quiet in nature. There is no denial about the fact that photography is about how the reflection of light is framed, literally. In my terms, it is the art form for encapsulating the transient impressions or moments in life, as a reminiscence.

Away from traveling and photography, I’ll be an easy-to-find doing charcoal sketches, web designing, and posting occasional travel journals to share my part of the story & inspire to travel. People connect with me to learn and share.

If you wish to know more about my photos, prints, travel itinerary or collaborate with me! Please feel free to drop me a message.


– Since 2003

Always Ready for a Photowalk.

– The concentrations

Photographic Proficiency.

Being a passionate photographer, the honest attempt is to capture the moments as they happen!! There is no specific genre. That being said, the most exposed or enjoyed photography types are –

  • Landscape Photography 80% 80%
  • Wildlife Photography 94% 94%
  • Travel Photography 85% 85%

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It takes more than just work with camera.

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If you wish you connect with me, please drop me a message!

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