The Great Migration

Wildebeest migration from Tanzania to Kenya

– The philosophy

Life & light through the lens of photography, that tells a story

The Lighting

It is all about capturing the reflections of lights that fall on the subject. From capturing the perfect moment to revealing emotions, light brings your images to life.

The Composition

Placing the elements in a frame, to direct the gaze and significance to the subject within the visual story; to convey the essence and allure of that moment.

The Timing

There is always a right moment or time for everything that happens in life. Capturing that event at the right time, within an impeccable composition would be ideal.

The Expression

When it is all about telling stories and sharing cherished moments, capturing the candid  expressions of the subject is undeniably crucial to tell the story.


Reflections of life, tells the story!


Light it up with creative perspectives


Freeze the moment!

I call it my winks on life and light reflections

– where the camera lens being an extension of my vision.

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