“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

– J.K.Rowling


Travel Journals as it comes!

Being an avid traveller, there were always lot of wonderful memories or certain learnings from each trip which are cherished immensely.

Story telling is an art on its own. A humble effort is being made here to share the journeys I took part in and the experiences I had!

Dudo’s EuroTrip

A getogether after 12 years and guess what! we made it. 4000 miles across 4 countries in a 4 wheel by 4 buddies.

Jaunt to Jordan

Experience Dead Sea, Explore Petra and Escape to Wadi Rum

Kenyan Safari

Cross country drive through some of the best national parks.

Himalayan Road Trip

The high altitude road trip.

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