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  1. Henry G L

    Perfect focus and timing for a perfect landing, good job buddy!

  2. chloë

    (they change regularly, some days they’re emerald green other days (like today) they’re light green
    we call friends, “mates” 🙂 haha how random
    oowah, i’m saving my pennies for the nikon version
    i know how good is cindy’s site, i love it)

    great composition & light in this one

  3. Steffie

    Great shot. Love the way you have the whole bee in focus.

  4. chloë

    oww 🙂 i’m going to save myself like $900 AUD if i buy the micro when i’m in hongkong in november
    i’m going to hold out, eeeeeeeeek; i won’t last if you post anymore of these though

    were you asking have my eyes ever turned blue(?) they were sky blue as a little child until i was about 8, my brother has piercing bright blue eyes *stab*


  5. chloë

    haha do it i dare you 🙂
    hey cool, i’ll go in search might take me a while; all family photographs are sitll in boxes (we moved, 18months ago-yes we’re slack) lol

  6. chloë

    i’m about to post a new photograph, let me know what you think 🙂

  7. Anthony

    What kind of lens are you doing these with? It looks like some pretty intense magnification, and I’m sure you had to be careful not to disturb the bee.

    This was set up with one remote flash up and camera right with a piece of paper in front to soften the light (not that effective, but beats bare flash). The flash had an optical slave on it, so the D200’s flash triggered it. I just dialed the D200’s flash down to 1/128 power, which is enough to trigger the external flash but not enough to effect the final exposure (since the remote flash only 18″ from the subject is so much brighter). Does this make sense? There are a million ways to trigger off-camera flashes, but this is just what I could throw together for $11.

    The printer paper was rested against the wall curved so it covered the floor as well, and the flash bounces all over that nice bright background to make relatively even lighting. The reflections on the glass are probably either reflections from my overhead fluorescent light and the flash off-camera or points of light bouncing off the white paper behind and coming through the lens at the, well, other lens. The one actually on the camera. It’s probably a coating on the lens that gives them the blue and magenta tones, which aren’t that visible at that size. I considered cloning them out, but I think they add some depth, and I was so pleased with having created such nice light without having to fake it that I figured I could live with those little marks.

    I look forward to seeing some of your “white paper studio” work as well. Ghetto though it may be, you can learn a lot that way. That Red Bull event sounds like a lot of fun- do you have a nice long lens to cover it? I’m interested to see those shots as well.

  8. chloë

    it’s my bedroom candle
    i only got one photograph because my nikky went flat, so it was the correct one, luckily 🙂
    i had all the lights off in my room, i think that’s why the flame sounds out lovely like it does
    very happy with that one & thanks for your great comment
    my horoscope makes plenty of sense today though, weird lol. what star sign are you(?)
    only 7 months until i can get my macroz, yeah!
    get yours already, geeez
    okay i’ll have to search for a photo this weekend

  9. hadia

    i can see you have made alot of activity on your blog..amazing work nivin bhai..i really like this one.. you can see all the details on the bee…:)


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