This Series is dedicated to one of my blog friends, –  Jo! A wonderful mate & a hardcore butterfly lover! 😀

Butterfly2 …Chocolate Pansy!

Blackbut…Great Eggfly!

Butterfly3one more… Chocolate Pansy! But  its a bit Dark! its Dark Chocolate Pansy!  What do you think?

Butterfly4…any Idea, about this lil chap?!?

Oranbut…..Lemon Pansy!

Green-but …looks like a Common Brimstone or Common Grass Yellow! Not sure tho!

Red-tail..Common Mormon! Female, I think!!

Butter-dot ….Lemon Pansy!!! 😉

…feel free to correct me, If I’m wrong  with the names of those beautiful flies! 😀


  1. Beyond Bluestockings

    Nivin, I wish you had heard the chorus of Ooohs! & Ahhhs! here from the gathered little girls. 😀

    They are very beautiful – you have some perfect captures and I can only imagine how much running about you did to achieve them!

    #2 and #7 are my favourites, though they are all great.

    Dark chocolate pansy…..too funny! 😉

    Thank you Nivin, you are a sweetie! 😀

  2. Smiling Country Ranch

    Wow, really wonderful photos!
    I love the “fall” colors of the last one

  3. Kelly

    Great photos….now those names are another story 🙂 As an entomologist, I just can’t confirm them

  4. chloe

    aww how nice of you, these are great shots
    green-but is almost indistinguishable from the plants lol 🙂 how cool

  5. Ed

    Very nice as always, did ya get these on your travels in India?

  6. dibear

    These are really beautiful. Are the Indian or Arab? 🙂

  7. thecrazysheeplady

    These are beautiful. I love the small yellow on yellow flower with green background.


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