Hi Everyone,

These are some of my Winks from  AlGharbia Watersports Festival

– Kite surfing/boarding (Free Style race)

The Al Gharbia Watersports Festival is a nine day extravaganza held on the beach of Mirfa which lies on Al Gharbia’s 350 kilometre stunning coastline. As a part of the festival, the local tourism development authority has decided to organize a photography competition, so that they can use the best action-adventure photos for the  development(tourism) of that area.

I need your help to decide on the photos to be sent!

Please vote for the best 3 adventurous stunts from the following 12 photos.

Rate the photos:rate-me


























Thank you All for your time and support. 😀 Hope you all enjoyed the Stunts!!

If Lucky, one of these photos will get published & used for the tourism development of a small township.

Share your thoughts!!


  1. Henry G L

    Hi WB, the stunts are gr8 above all…….. the timing and perfection is somthn i ‘d appreciate. Your picz r simple adorable and quite inspirational

    keep goin dude

    Here r my ratingz

    1. 4*
    2. 3*
    3. 2*
    4. 3*
    5. 2*
    6. 2*
    7. 5*
    8. 3*
    9. 2*
    10. 4*
    11. 4*
    12. 4*

    i’d suggest let go for it #1, #2 and #7

  2. Nadiya

    Hi WB, your winks are getting better and better. 😉 WoW! thats a great collection of action shots! Brilliant work dude 😀
    Ratings? My picks are – with five stars #2, #7 & #12.
    Good luck dude. Let me know the results.

  3. Ed

    I ‘ll give ya what I think are the best, #12, #4, #5, #11 in that order, #12 is deffinatly your money shot of the group. If you have any action shots with the kites in them and showing the beach that would be what they are looking for for the broschure, something depicting the beacha nd the excitement that goes with it. I’ve done Kayakers, motocross, and White water rafting shots and the one thing that they all had in commom were the surroundings. The motocross had the track and grandstands in the background, the Kayakers were going over waterfalls..ect.
    Hoe this helps..:-)

  4. WildBlack

    Thanks Ed! That piece of advice, was what I’ve been exactly looking for! Thanks Man! 😀

  5. chloë

    #8 is my favourite here
    #5 is great too
    well done 🙂

  6. giiid

    I would say like Ed, you have to show the surroundings, to tell the whole story, – why people should choose to come to THIS place to kite-surf or watch beach sport. Nr. 12 has action, and great lines, but you should rotate it a bit, to make the horizon straight. Nr. 4 is fine, the surfer is free of the background. I would cut a few cm. of the left side. Nr.5 is a very good photo of a surfer. If the tourism development has its own photos of surroundings, and only look for at kitesurferphoto, this one is a candidate. you could also try to make some interesting details, unexpected and beautiful, I think this is easy for you. Just to make something else than the other participaters, and to make the tourists curious. Good luck!

  7. WildBlack

    Thanks Birgette, your suggestions gave me a new perspective. It really helps! Thanks alot! 😀

  8. andylane78

    Got to be 7, 2 and 12 for me. Great action shots!

  9. ann chin

    I like 1, 7, 11.

    1 even shows the shin muscles.
    7 the water spray
    11 the surfer is up side down.

    Congrats on all photos. You have done a great job. It was very hard to choose. I myself did a post on kite surfing. It was very cold here, and I didn’t want to be in the cold for a long time. of course, i am amatuer and you are professional. It was very difficult to photograph them, they spin so fast.

    You too, must have a good camera.


    Thanks for visiting my site.

  10. WildBlack

    Thanks Henry, for your rating! and for your help dude-off the blog!
    Thanks Nadiya for your compliments and support!
    Thanks Ed for your valuable tips!
    Thanks Chloe for being such an Awesome Mate! and for your support!
    Thanks Birgette, for the advice!
    Thanks Andy, for your suggestions!
    Thanks Ann, for your compliments & suggestions!
    I’m sending my photos today! fingers-crossed! I’ll let you know the results by June end!
    Thanks once again for your support. 😀

  11. globetrotteri

    Hi Nivin,

    Sorry sorry for being late on my reply.

    I like numbers 12, 4, 5, 11 the best. They’re all great. Good work!

  12. Anthony

    Sorry it took me forever. I’ve been working a ton and haven’t had much time to shoot lately, although I got one up tonight (I have plenty from the shoot that will be up in the next few days though).

    If there’s still time, I pick 2 because it’s an amazing action shot, 9 because it shows both the sport and the area (which is the point, right?) without one running into the other, and 4 because it does both.

    Great work here- what lens did you use and where were you shooting from?

  13. Shirley

    2, 7, 11, and 12.

    Phenomenal shots.


Share your thoughts!!

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