1. chloë

    pwoah, that’s hot
    i love how the grass & water are illuminated

  2. Anthony

    This is almost surreal. I love the greens and the color of the lake. And you said you don’t post-process much? This is amazing.

    It is a black and white process with a little bit of blue (cyan) tone in the shadows to give it depth. I really should try to stitch a panorama together next time I’m somewhere scenic (which might be a while). I’ll have to remember to bring a tripod (and get a wider lens).

    That E46 is about as gorgeous as I’ve ever seen. It’s subtle, but it looks like something Batman would drive to work. Have you ever seen the HPF turbo kits? They’ll do 800 RWHP on 110 octane.

  3. Anthony

    Oh- for some reason, comments randomly get sent in for approval even when they’re from registered WordPress users who are logged in. I have no idea why. You’re approved and up now.


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