Challenge 2: ‘Shoot down the Photographer’

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The second entry for the photo challenges with my buddies, after the product photography(first) challenge.

About the challenge – Just to push each other to get better with the ‘thought’ process of photography.

About the photograph – shot at Crescent island in Kenya, where a small herd of wildebeests started something like a stampede and suddenly I saw a lady(brave/blunder.. line is too thin for me) clicking photos of them. She was way too close considering that these running beasts can change direction in split seconds.


  1. Ed

    Cool shot, she’s got guts. I just hope it was not a pack of lions that spooked them..;-)

  2. Firas

    Awesome shot for our challenge!
    I liked the natural greens in this nicely framed photo. The flying dust and the frozen wilderbeasts in the middle of action, including the lady makes this shot special!

  3. shafeel

    Beautiful shot bro,,,,I like the greenery, and the dust shows how speedy they are how much sounds it would have made…bravo to that lady in Pink…

  4. Carol Carson

    I really like the idea that you and your friends are challenging each other to come up with better and better photographs. This is an excellent shot. There is enough detail that individual animals become interesting. There is something going on with two in the middle, the third one has a leaning forward stance, and perhaps the last one is struggling to catch up. The lady annoys me, but I guess that emotional response also indicates the photographer’s skill. I am not worried for her safety but feel she has overstepped a boundary of respect that should be a part of every wildlife photographer’s philosophy.

    I am a beginner photographer and my club has a requirement this week for each of us to submit a photo with the theme, “Together.” My interpretation of “Together” is quite broad. For example, one can be all alone, but together with nature or even together within one’s own mind. In this post (3rd section only.. sorry it’s so long), I have put 31 pictures that i thought might represent the theme. I would so appreciate your input if you have time to take a look at it.

  5. Henry G L

    Great shot, the greenary, animals, dust, backdrop everything compete to contribute to the beauty of shot, but to give a serious thought on the situation she is in. As you said she is not aware these power plants can change the direction at any given moment.

    i loved what Carol have written, its lengthy but very interesting, especially the ‘boundary of respect that should be a part of every wildlife’

  6. Liz

    What a wonderful shot!! What a great idea to encourage and inspire one another to develop & challenge your photography!!

  7. Kado

    If there was ever a scene I did not want to fade to black. It was that one.

  8. Analyn

    I work as a portrait photographer. Rule of thirds is not something that is understood very well by people. I get really tired of hearing from people that it’s not a good picture because the head is not centered There is too much space on one side. A lot of people like to bulls eye their photos too. Don’t photograph a single person horizontally with the head smack dab in the middle of the frame. For some reason people like their portraits to look like drivers License photos.



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