…Corniche Fountain…

by | Mar 11, 2009 | 4 comments



  1. Canaan Hackler

    Wow. I do photography myself but that is some good stuff. Nice work!!!! Again Wow!

  2. chloë

    hello thanks for the comment
    the “lucky” guy is my partner, daniel 🙂

    this fountain of water is lovely
    did you edit to get the told tone(?)

  3. chloë

    re: the zoo, that was first real adventure with my D90 & i could now, looking back do things differently & get better photographs
    but it’s all a learning curve
    re: eye sight post, that was with my nikon coolpix p80, not the D90 : )
    re: movement; i probably could, that was my first attempt at that style of photography & i’m really happy with those shots
    thanks for all your comments. hHow long have you been using your D90 for(?)
    what lens/s do you have (?) i have two, 18mm-55mm & the 55mm-200mm
    i’m getting a micro soon(!) 😀

  4. jopol

    This is a nice one!


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