What could you possibly do in a desert like this?!?!?

There is something special you can do in here.. The Desert safari!

..No! not on a camel! but on a…….

… 4 wheel drive!

They will take yo to the limit and sometimes beyond!

The Desert Safari will cost you around 50$, which includes the above shown 4WD dune driving, dune bashing, camel rides, sand skiing, belly dancing and henna. Its worth the money!

Don’t miss it! 😀



  1. thedailyclick

    That does look like FUN! Do the cars ever get stuck in the sand?

    • WildBlack

      Yes, they do!
      But the drivers are so experienced and talented that they will never stay ‘stuck’ for more than couple of minutes! 😉

  2. Ed

    Fun,Fun,Fun they look like Toyota landcruisers..:-))
    Great shots..

  3. Chloe

    that must be so much fun & what a great photo opportunity, nice one!


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