1. Olive

    Hey Hen! You r looking awesome in this pic man!

    All praises for the photographer 😉

  2. Henry G L

    ‘praise’ to photographer n funds to model pls

    I didnt know the pic cud look that gud man, good work & thanks


  3. Nadiya

    Its the talent and skill of a photographer to bring the best out of a model! No matter how bad the model is. LoL 😀
    Henry you look cool man but just another brilliant work from WB! 🙂 😉 😉 😉

  4. Henry G L

    Hmmmm yehh!! thanx, i think d 4 layer background addz to it.

    ‘Gems remains dirty stones until they r brought out, but they r basically Gems’ ;)……..ooopz am talkin abut d Gems in general, look at those pebbles…….good huh?

  5. chloë

    perfect exposure in this one

    i think this one would be good for; people


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