Emirates Palace Hotel!! (Sunday Stills – Landscapes & Powerlines)

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(Nikon D90,  Nikkor 18-105mm, Exposure : 5 sec at f/5.6, ISO : 200, Focal Length : 58mm, Manual Program)

Sunday Stills Theme : Powerlines & Landscapes

Hi Sunday Stillers,

I don’t really know if this photo counts for this weeks sunday stills. The country which I live in at the moment is pretty high tech. So no powerlines or telephone lines over the ground! Sorry!!! 🙁

The only things I can see around are those huge tower cranes. And I think they are a bit too distracting and messing up with this beautiful night view of Emirates Palace Hotel!

About Emirates Palace hotel: The magnificent Emirates Palace is a national landmark and one of the most impressive hotels and conference venues ever built (located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates); with 1.3 km of private white sandy beach and surrounded by 85 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens, is only 30 min drive from Abu Dhabi airport.


This one is from my Archives – The closest one possible for this week’s theme!!!


Thanks Ed! This week’s theme really made me look hard, even though I couldn’t find any good shots with powerlines for the challenge; I found some new perspectives!!! 😀 Good Luck All!

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  1. flowerweaver

    Wow, that’s a very cool night shot of the hotel! I took a night photography class years ago with my SLR, but now that I’ve gone digital I haven’t been able to get the same results. I probably need a better camera and to spend some time learning it. All your work is very impressive!

  2. SighMan

    I too struggled finding something for this challenge. Here is far from high-tech, everything is overground, but power lines seem to be well placed and not actually interrupting anything! I actually like them in your second photo! Is that first one a panoramic stitch?

  3. Wildblack

    Thanks Bedazler! I love it too! Very nice place! 🙂
    Thanks Flowerweaver! I think you should consider going back to SLR! That way you will have more flexibility for night shots! 😀
    Yes Simon! The first one is a panoramic stitch! Just two photos! 😀

  4. threecollie

    Really an attractive photo. I like it!

  5. Regular Guy

    Most impressive, the background buildings look ghostly like they are watching over the other buildings. What program do you use for your editing?

  6. Pete

    Good subject matter in it. The stream pulls you out to the left, but then the poles hold the framing.
    I love the simplicity of the field, and the early generation of towers.

  7. Ed

    I agree with TCSL I’m speechless, great pics..:-)

  8. The Wife

    Um, can I just say wow to the first pic! Geez louise!

  9. Laughing Orca Ranch

    It’s crazy how they can place powerlines in any kind of place…even a wet marsh. hehe! That’s a lovely photo, though.
    I also like the city scape and hotel. Reminds me of sparkling jewels.


  10. Jennifer

    Wow both are great but I really like the first one!

  11. Zoe

    Wow your emirates image was stunning. I couldn’t see anything distracting, it all tied in well. The cranes being lit up fit in a typical cityscape. But those cranes are everywhere aren’t they?
    Yep that line in the last shot stands out, perfect for the challenge.
    Great job hunting. 🙂

  12. Marie

    I love the night shot, excellent!

  13. giiid

    They are very good together, the two photos, underlining each other, the impressing and beautiful sight of new technology and the beautiful and calming sight of nature in balance.

  14. chloë

    gorgeous photography niv!
    unfortunately i’m having computer problems @ home & one of my computers died lol so i couldn’t/can’t upload
    hope you’re well x

  15. Annette

    Cool night shot. Cranes can be distracting – not something I have seen in person. We are still waiting for our first stop light!

  16. burstmode

    I believe I will add that hotel to my list. Nicely done.


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