The Harley Iron 883™ model is the anti-chrome motorcycle—decked in black from front to back with a defiant attitude that embraces the pure essence of riding. This Black powder-coated 883 was a treat for the eyes and when the engine started, it filled my heart with joy :D.

Posted in Sunday Stills 🙂


  1. Henry G L

    wow!! loved the way you played with DOF, brilliant take dude and no comments on the ride……..just admiring it 🙂

  2. Sandra

    Matchless! 🙂

  3. Cardinal Guzman

    That’s a beautiful Harley. Stripped down and raw!

  4. ladyfi

    Wow – raw power set off beautifully with the purple flowers.

  5. dibear

    Beautiful color, and DOF. Nice to see you back. 🙂 I’ve been gone too long!


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