Walking through the desert is not an easy thing to do. To follow those trails up the hill, bare footed at midday(where temperature rise up to 60 degree Celsius) doesn’t look very inviting. How about working for 12 hours in the middle of the desert where a lot of physical exertion is required!! That explains HOT to me!

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  1. Viveka

    That is one AWEsome photo. I been in the desert, for 10 days .. not working – but it was tough, my finance was heat testing cars in Sahara in August – it has HOoOooOoooot

  2. Ed

    That looks a bit toasty, excellent shot..:-))

  3. Martine

    Wow, amazing photo!

  4. TheDancingDonkey

    I love the photo and I am very glad I don’t have to work in that.

  5. Elephant's Child

    An amazing photo, and I am very glad that I can see it from a distance. Heat is not a friend of mine.

  6. dibear

    WOW! This is such a beutiful picture. I don’t do heat very well!! 🙂

  7. Shafeel

    Beautiful shot brother, how do you capture this colour of sand, fast shutterspeed? or some other magic? the foot trails seems to be like ants moving in group..I like this picture.

  8. Lori Skoog

    Who can compete with that! Extraordinary.

  9. Sam Starr

    Amazing beauty in something so barren…….

  10. Henry G L

    beautiful like a fudge cream, loved those foot marks and am still wondering who braved those trails. excellent shot and narration of hot in this part of the world

  11. Martine

    Hi Nik, I was showing my husband the SS photos this week & he was wondering were you on a hill or in a light aircraft to take this? ALso, what were those people doing in the desert – what work do they do?
    Have a good week

    • WildBlack

      Hi Martine, I was on a hill while taking this picture. And I was close to my car as well. There was some construction work going on.. not sure of what! May be a resort, railway.. I could see some bulldozers on top of those hills.

  12. adinparadise

    Wow! That looks really hot and unpleasant, but your photo is brilliant. 🙂

  13. Gracie

    Amazing shot! Can’t stand the heat too well, but I’m sure it would be an awesome experience to be taking such a breath-taking photograph.


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