What inspires me to take photographs?!? its life n light!

Talking about inspiration, I’m so deeply inspired by the National Geographic society from the day I can remember. Its a dream.. someday I would contribute somehow through my winks to Nat Geo and to our amazing planet!! 🙂

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  1. chloe

    awesome shot niv

  2. Henry G L

    Truely stunning shot with the perfect tone to detail your inspiration. yes its all about life n lights. I think National Geography is still hunting for you, its quite difficult to track down that very unique passionate admirer.

  3. ladyfi

    Wonderful shot and light!

  4. GB

    Beautiful contast between light and shapes. I can feel the sun’s heat 🙂

  5. Ed

    Great shot..:-)

  6. dibear

    Beautiful shot Nivin. I definitely believe your photography is Nat’l. Geographic quality! Have you ever submitted to them? 🙂

  7. Angelia Sims

    Love the lighting. The photo tells a story. I think you would be a great Nat Geo photog. 🙂

  8. Lori Skoog

    You are ready for National Geographic! I’m with you…it’s all about light.

  9. Far Side of Fifty Photos

    National Geographic takes readers photos.. they show readers photos every month. Your photography is awesome:)

  10. Paula

    Wonderful silhouettes 🙂

  11. Linda

    Amazing….something people on this side of the world will never see. Like Far Side said……NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!

  12. aurora

    You are spreading your inspiration, through your eyes & beautiful photography.


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