Green-spider I love green and its freshness 😀

Save our planet! Go Green!


  1. colleen

    We seem to have the same theme for Macro Monday…I am seriously spider phobic, but I will admit it’s a beautiful color! Great shot as usual.

  2. Ed

    DUDE! How the heck did you get that pic???? Its Phenominal!!!! Night? Is it an iredescenent? Please let me know…:-)

  3. kateri

    Really nice!

  4. Far Side of Fifty

    That is one cool spider..I absolutely love his color..wonderful photo! 🙂

  5. Holly

    you get the most terrific colored stuff. wow. great job.

  6. dibear

    I don’t care for spiders but this fella is a beauty. 🙂

  7. chloe

    oh my gosh lol daniel just left & i wish i had of checked your blog before lol.. we had a funny experience with a (what i thought was a) spider last night in my bedroom, ended with him tickling my head saying the spider was on it & me crying lol O_o

    p.s i like this photo

  8. Lisa

    Very nice, even though I hate spiders! What kind is it? Do you know?

  9. Regular Guy

    Love the color and the background. Fantastic shot.

  10. Sherri

    Absolutely fantastic photo.

  11. flowerweaver

    Super cool! I love green, and spiders, so this one is fantastic. You can almost see how the spider’s feet are pulling at the web. Great message, yes, let go green!–Sage


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