MacroMonday: Ignite me!!

by | Oct 26, 2009 | 11 comments

Ignite …wish I had the key!!! 😉

(Superbike-Hayabusa Ignition)


  1. Ed

    Cool, I thought that was a Suzuki ignition..:-))

    • WildBlack

      Ed’ it is a suzuki Hayabusa, but they changed almost everything(modified). They nicked this one from a kawasaki!!! 😉

  2. colleen

    Very cool Nivin!

  3. Laughing Orca Ranch

    Whooohooo! Thngs are heating up around here. I posted about some frilly pretty things, Chloe wants us all to get nakie and intimate, and you want to ignite our fires! lol! lol!

    Good one. Very cool!


  4. chloe

    hahahah i ♥ lisa “Chloe wants us all to get nakie and intimate”

    i had no idea what this was when i first opened it 🙂
    i like how immobilizer is so crisp

  5. Far Side of Fifty Photos

    Yup..everyone is wild today..Chloe and you want to fire eveyrone up.. mine is Frosty..head on over there to cool off!! It is a great macro:)

  6. Lisa

    I wish I had a key, also!

  7. dibear

    Neat. Must to be a sexy vehicle. :):)

  8. HenryGL

    Thats cool……. ignite me……. so inviting, u know guyz? heart is the key to ignite anything in this world.

    Well done nik !

  9. Holly

    oh wow, the wild bunch is here *insert smile*!

    Great job, as usual N!


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