Mercedes AMG SLS Limited edition in my neighbourhood!!

by | Oct 22, 2011 | 8 comments

I’m still in awe, as I stumbled upon a surprising opportunity to photograph the super car  ~ Mercedes AMG SLS Limited edition, when I casually stepped out with my cam to take some pics of the cats in my neighbourhood. Phewwww…..
I was chasing a cat to take a macro of his eyes; suddenly I heard the music of a 6.3L V8 engine… singing, as it had a wonderful day on the road. While gazing at its beauty, the one who was driving the car came to me and asked, would you like to click some pics? I was stunned – Man I would love to!! 🙂 WOW!

He opened the doors for me and I was like….. 

…the chocolaty brownish greyish yummy custom paint with red leather interiors was a real treat for the eyes!!

…and then, I was dumbstruck when he showed me a photo of his cars in his mobile phone and said that he will bring them for me to take photographs, which was just a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 and a Mercedes SLR!!

:O OMG! 😀 😀


  1. Eden

    Great shots! Doubt I’ll ever see one of those in my neighborhood lol

  2. firasz

    What a great opportunity! And what a generous owner to ask you that!
    Truly a beautiful & wild beast. Very cool shots. Love the tilted angle in your 7th shot! And the headlight streaks in the last photo 🙂

  3. Nadine

    WOW! Beautiful looking car 🙂

  4. Khaled

    Lucky you!!! Great angles and dof, well captured.

  5. Nidheesh

    Damn.. She is gorgeous!! 😉 Sure so are your fotos too dude!!

  6. Ed

    YUMMMM! So what Emir owned this car and did you get to go for a ride in it? Fantastic shots, hope you get to shoot the Lambo..:-))))

  7. Henry

    ho hohoo!!! what an amazing oppertunity and truely stunning shots, am sure more super owners are to contact u for more stunning shots of their cars. lookin fwd for ur Lambo Day.

  8. Beyond Bluestockings

    Nivin, your timing is perfect! 😀

    I’m guessing you maybe didn’t worry about the cats, after all?

    These look great.


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