Second week of Sunday Stills! Theme 1: Water

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Hi All,

This is just my second week of  SundayStills.

I picked the themes.. ‘Water’ and ‘In Motion’ for this weeks B&W challenge with a twist.

Good luck to All! 😀

I’ve also created a new category in my blog – Sunday Stills (Its getting ‘HOTerrrr’!)  😀

Sunday Still 1 of 2


  1. chloë

    great niv 🙂
    i get this feeling that if i reached out n touched the bottle, those water droplets would feel bumpy & wouldn’t disolve under my touch
    awesome 🙂

  2. chloë

    haha thanks 🙂
    i bought the little flower just today; i used a 4x magnifying filter to get the ‘macro’ feel for it
    & i used photoshop to convert it to B&W but left a hint of colour in it, so that’s my “twist” lol

  3. Carroll Baker

    Love the shots! Welcome to the Sunay Stills! I am looking forward to seeing your work!

  4. June, Aging Gratefully

    I was mesmerized, fascinated by #1 until it finally struck me: OH! It’s condensation on a bottle!!!! …all about the texture, isn’t it?

    I don’t know what’s going on (and I need not) in #2, but I love the wet shine on the boy’s leg.

  5. SighMan

    Hey man thanks, but the people I was holding up on the walkway in that airport shot weren’t too pleased! Awesome bottle shot, what a super-cool texture for the eyes to study. Makes me thirsty looking at this 😀

  6. dibear

    I didn’t see a #2 picture! I couldn’t find it. Loved the condensation on the bottle though.

  7. VioletSky

    Took me a moment … now I’m thirsty.
    Very crisp shot of droplets.

  8. Paula

    Love the condensation on the bottle. Really nice shot, I can almost feel it! Both are great pictures. Glad you joined Sunday Stills!

  9. Anthony

    Wow- nice contrast!

    I had the Sunday Stills thing all wrong. I thought the challenge for the week was posted that day and you had to do it in one day. I figured it out noe, and I’ll have something ready to go for next week.

  10. chloë

    YAY for swifts 🙂
    haha i do have sharp eyes, especially for cars
    i should have been a boy, well without the long blonde hair, pretty face, small body, actually come to think of it, i don’t think i should have been a boy at all lol

    i just like cars

  11. Annette

    fantastic shot! I love the water droplets. I can almost feel the cold!

  12. theegggather

    Great shot. Took me a while to decide what it was and then it hit me. Good job.

  13. giiid

    I like the gray tones and the pattern from of waterpearls.

  14. gtyyup

    It doesn’t look real…haven’t a clue how you did it, but it’s beautifully done!


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