1. chloë

    i sit here & try to work out where they’re joined but i can’t tell, that’s really good 🙂
    the almost perfectly lined up boats add an arty feel to this one

  2. Anthony

    These panoramas you uploaded are all incredible. This one reminds me of midcoast Maine, although I am fairly certain that isn’t where you shot it (mostly because it’s probably 30F there right now).

    I think an M3 CSL would be about as good as it gets. There’s a white M3 I always see racing around town that makes me so jealous. The new E92s look so mean, although I must say I think I might prefer the E46.

  3. Ronak

    Wow… this one brings out the real effect of a panorama pic… because in a single frame you can see so many boats facing different directions..

    • wildblack

      Thanks Ronak..That’s why I love panoramic photos.


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