Red Bull AiR Race 2009

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History of Red Bull Air Race

The ‘Red Bull Air Race’ was conceived in the Red Bull sports think-tank and came from an idea to merge flying with the most exciting elements of motor racing. The aim was to develop a brand new aviation race that would challenge the ability of the world’s best pilots, creating a race in the sky that was not simply about speed, but also precision and skill. The answer was to build a specially designed obstacle course which the pilots would navigate at high speeds.

Two years were spent in planning and development with Hungarian pilot Peter Besenyei working closely with the Red Bull Air Race team to help develop the concept.

Red Bull Air Race 2009 World Championship has started off in Abu Dhabi

So Stay Tuned for the photoseries


  1. chloë

    going well how about yourself(?) 3000 photographs, wow you really were busy haha(!) ahh the crab, a determined sign.

    i like drinking redbull, gives me wings 🙂 haha
    great shot!

  2. Henry G L

    Wow!!! what a shot buddy, that was picture perfect. Amazin as the flight is vertically top of ur head and the effort u got to b ready for that shot

    Great one!

  3. chloë

    it’s a really long story, a lot to do with my brother & what I’ve lived with & through
    no i don’t drink too much haha, thanks for the concern though 🙂
    ha, thanks, do you watch american dad(?) – i was leaning on the end of my bed for that one & the edge of the sink for the tap one (cheat) – still I had a couple of blurry shots
    i tried focusing on the water but couldn’t get a clear shot


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