These guys amaze me! Kite surfers… It’s quite do-able, but would require more from you than just sitting on the beach. I was half submerged in the warm waters most of the day to capture these Sky Walkers up-close.

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  1. adinparadiseSylvia

    I also love to watch these guys. My next door neighbours in South Africa are expert kite surfers. 🙂

  2. Martine

    Great shot & interesting interpretation!

  3. Elephant's Child

    Oh wow. Doable, by some. Sitting submerged in the water is probably my limit.

  4. thecrazysheeplady

    Love the colors in the water. Great shots! As always :-). I really enjoy your photography.

  5. viveka

    Have only seen them in action on TV …. amazing .. a fantastic great shot!

  6. shaduly.m.z

    Great shot………………..want to look for another word to comment

  7. Henry G L

    brilliant shot, am sure you score in action shots with that perfect timing and settingz….. dude…


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