Sunday Stills: Mechanical Transportation

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At first, the Fastest & the Safest transport….


….then the most commonly used…


And the most reliable…


…then the most exciting…


…last but not the least…the horror(ofcourse from India ~ I love India)..


……..but I prefer…..


…and a ‘Special One‘ for this sunday..


..this is what we call as ‘Elephant Safari’ 😉

Hope you all had a great week-end 😀

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  1. Laughing Orca Ranch

    Awesome assortment of Mechanical Transportation! And stellar photography as usual! We horse owners lament about the difficulties in trailering our equine, but that last one gives a new meaning to ‘trailering’ . lol!
    Oh! And love that sporty GMC truck! Yummy! I love me a GMC!
    I like how you put your ‘logo’ in the license plate area, too. Cool!

    I hope you’re having a terrific weekend. :)!

  2. colleen

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw that elephant coming down the road in a truck…I’ve seen goats, horses, cows, and sheep but never anything that big. Great shots as usual!

  3. dibear

    Great job Nivin. I really liked the locomotive, but they were all super. I sure wouldn’t want to be stopped at a light behind the elephant! LOL 🙂

  4. Ed

    Great shots!!! The jimmy is too cool..:-)))

  5. VioletSky

    Quite a shock to go from that yacht to the Indian bus!

  6. chloe

    i totally love the old school train photograph!
    the last two photos make my eyes go funny because of the almost moving blurr; but it could just me my hangover 🙂 x

  7. Andrea Baker

    I love the most reliable transportation. The train. Great photos!

  8. Steffie

    Wow, great series. The ones with the motion blur are very clever. I never managed to do that. But I agree with the others, the train pic is absolutely fabulous.

  9. Pacey

    Oh I can relate of that bus from India, we almost have the same that goes around cities or remote places. The elephant safari is cool and great presentation too of the different types of vehicles. Thanks for the visit and have a nice Sunday!

  10. Ebie

    Nivin, you did it again! Gorgeous! I wonder how much it would cost me to get the Empros. Hmmm, pocket change! Hahaha! enjoy your weekend!

  11. flowerweaver

    Nice selection! The train is very nice, and the elephant a very unusual sight for me. I’ve been on buses like that in Mexico with live chickens running around!

  12. Mellimaus

    Very nice photos! HAHA, very funny, I like the last one!

  13. Beyond Bluestockings

    Great contrasts in this series. I’m a bit envious of the spotties on the GMC! 😀

  14. Jennifer

    Love them all but I am partial to the GMC truck myself! I’m a truck kinda girl! 😀
    Great job!

  15. threecollie

    As always, yours are spectacular!

  16. gtyyup

    Someday I’ve got to get out of Harney County for a REAL vacation…I think I’ll take the boat!! Excellent as usual Nivin!

  17. myfrenchkitchen

    Great shots…absolutely LOVE the elephant safari!

  18. Shirley

    Very creative photography; how do you get blur and focus on a still object in the same photo???????????? Love the old train, and the bus looks like the ones in Mexico, only they have dingleballs and shrines around the windsheild.

  19. kcjewel

    that is a great series! i’m still trying to pick a favorite, but leaning toward the most common… love the blurred background. the bus brings a touch of reality to the series.

  20. ann chin

    I like the rustic look of the train engine. I like the elephant, I like the rose that has different hue. I like them all.

  21. Rhonda Stansberry

    You’ve got some good ones here. Love the airplane!


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