Happiness is…  Smiles! JOKERNOoooo! it can be faked…This one definitely is!

Happiness is…..Love!  SkyHeartNAaa! It seems more painful than happiness….look at the pilots in those fighter jets! The G-force is killing them 😉

Happiness is…… being together!! Togetherness NO Chance! Look at them! They are thinking about paying their bills…somehow!!! 🙂

Happiness is… kinda hard to explain..happyless..its speechless(no perfect expression), timeless and definitely Priceless! 😀

…One more thing…Happiness will make you fly….Flying-souls…if not, you can try….RED BULL… it gives you wings… tadaaaa..

For more Happiness, Visit SundayStillers 😀

Hi friends, Sorry I couldn’t check the updates on your blogs last week. I will definitely catch up with you all as soon as I get back home! Have a great weekend 😀


  1. dibear

    Nicely done Nivin. :):)

  2. colleen

    I love it!!! Well said and wonderful pictures.

  3. Holly

    *giggle* this was a fun one for you wasn’t it?

  4. kcjewel

    that certainly made me smile. speaking of red bull… i saw two red bull can cars today, but i couldn’t get my camera out of the case in time and stay on the parkway without an accident!!

  5. Regular Guy

    Great shots again. Puts a smile on your face or keep a smile on your face.

  6. Laughing Orca Ranch

    That smile in the first photo looks painful. Great capture of that for sure. It even has a creepiness to it. Who is that?!
    These are all verra cool. I can tell you had fun with them, but that last one takes the photography award! Wow!
    After trying to get 5 kids on a trampoline to all jump high at the same moment….over and over……..and over, and it just not working, I have a serious appreciation for the work that went into that capture. And the composition with the greenery and pathway is just perfect!
    You rocked it!


  7. Sherri

    Laughing…great submission.

  8. Janice

    Hey Nivin,not quite sure how those made me feel but it looks like you had a lot of fun with it.

  9. chloe

    haha the first photo made me laugh 😀
    these are all great

    i love the last one & the caption; i’m addicted to redbull <3

  10. Steffie

    Wonderfull series. That last shot is really great. It radiates so much energy and he.. yes, happiness!

  11. marleen

    Red Bull..:-DDDDDDDDDDDD
    Original pics and some are very funny too..;-)))

  12. Sara

    They made me happy… 🙂 even a chuckle or two which these days is a hard thing to come by for me. Well done!

  13. Lisa

    Now that is happiness!

  14. Beyond Bluestockings

    The first one is a shocking introduction to your post! 😛

    Great commentary, and yes, the last one has a very high smile factor 😀

  15. Ed

    Well done, the last pic looks like something from a Bollywood production..LOL!!! are they the same guys from the famous Ninja pic???

    • WildBlack

      Haha! Bollywood? How do you know about bollywood? Yup!! they are the same ninjas 😀 They are my college buddies!

  16. Mellimaus

    LOL, great photos, they made me laugh!

  17. Ebie

    Great series of photos! I love the last one, perfect jump for joy! Ah, happiness!

  18. Shirley

    Nivin, I found an underlying sadness to your photos, mostly because of your commentary, but the photos are all excellent, as usual.

  19. VioletSky

    happiness is… having fun with your camera!

  20. flowerweaver

    You made me laugh. Happiness is very hard to pin down, especially in a photo. I was going through all my archives last night and my husband said “what are you doing?” and I said “looking for happiness!” LOL. I know I have it somewhere around here!

  21. Jennifer

    These are nicely done Nivin!!!! Great job! I hope to be able to post my photos one day but I am up to my ears in research papers at the moment! 😀 Thanks for the wonderful photographs!!!!

  22. paintsmh

    Very nice. Thank you for the laughter!

  23. tammy

    Very nice depictions! Loved the watch/phone/$$ idea.

  24. katie

    Thank you very much for your recent comment on my blog 🙂 I’m glad you liked the photos. These are great, I love the negative layout you have for your pictures, and your signature sits so well! You must be very good with your photoshop, or illustrator or whatever it is you used to get such a unique look! I especially like your first image and the images with the coins, and how you said that happiness is hard to explain..

  25. June

    Love the jumping/flying!
    Pure joy!

    • WildBlack

      Thank you all for sharing the Happiness 😀

  26. Nidheesh Balan

    Dude, I remember that guy in that first snap. From Black Pool?? Its been a while since our last trip.. Good commentary.

    Good luck!!


    jumpers : “left one -shaduly kaka” and “right one- nithul chetan” am i crrct ????


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