I was way to lazy and a bit busy! But Here I am….after a very healthy break 😉 😉

Lucky me 😉

…Red Bull Air race championship 2010, I took only 200 photos this time compared to last years 3000 shots, but this time I got lucky!

This one is for you Mr. Zooman.  Happy Birthday 😀



  1. dibear

    OMG!!! I know the birthday boy will love the second shot. LOL Don’t be a stranger,
    stay with us awhile this time. We’ve missed you. 🙂

  2. Ed

    LOL!!! How did you know I like airplanes..;-) Great shots and Welcome Back!

  3. gtyyup

    I’m sure Ed will appreciate that second photo…but what a great capture on the first!

  4. Lisa

    Both pictures were very well done 😉

  5. kateri

    Nice to have you back! Some pretty impressive photos!

  6. Janice

    Interesting and unique I really miss your style when you don’t participate glad your back.

  7. giiid

    Glad to see you back, welcome.
    The first photo is fantastic! It would be interesting to know wich camera settings you are using to catch such a photo.

  8. chloe

    about bloody time you came back. geeeeeeeeeez 😉

    hahahahahahaha fan of the second photo 😀

    hope you’ve been well niv

  9. Henry

    Heyyy!!! welcome back……….. 1st one superb, perfect timing and i can even feel the ‘pop’ looking at the photo. 2nd one…… 😉 rare i’d say in a zoo

    keep them comin, good luck

  10. iheartfilm

    That lion isn’t even doing it right.


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