UW trolley

Great Idea!!!! Lets go for underwater shopping! Here is the Trolley!


  1. Nadiya

    YaYaYaY, Lets Go! šŸ˜‰ Where did you find this?

    • wildblack

      I found this in Abu Dhabi corniche. Thanks Nadiya for your support and cool comments!

  2. Henry G L

    Good one! yet another brilliant idea for UAE after underwater hotels, y not a underwater shopping mall???

    But where did you find it dude?

  3. wildblack

    Absolutely Dude, These people might even do that – an underwater shopping mall. I was actually looking for some seagulls in the corniche, but I found this! I was surprised to see this, as Abu Dhabi corniche is the cleanest and well maintained corniche I’ve ever seen!

  4. chloƫ

    lol, did you call the ‘return trolly’ hotline(?) we have one here, you even get entered into some draw to win money haha

    a little constructive criticism, the length of the water distracts from the trolly, perhaps try to “crop” (i hate that word; i never crop/cut photographs i try to set them up already like that) so that your draws are focused entirely on the subject at hand

    great find though :):)


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