Macro Croco!!

by | Jul 20, 2009 | 11 comments


A freshwater Crocodile!!!

“Crocodile tears” is a common expression which is used for depicting fake sadness. It has its origins in the myth according to which crocodiles weep while eating their prey. Of course, there is no “eater’s remorse” involved when a croc turns on the water works.Their function is—like our own tears—to lubricate the eye. This may be even more relevant for crocodiles because they have a third eyelid, also known as a nictitating membrane.


  1. Beyond Bluestockings

    Clearly, you didn’t spend your holidays lying in the sun reading a book =)

    Great shot!

  2. chloe

    that’s awesome, they have very similar eyes to cats! 🙂

  3. dibear

    Great shot Nivan! However did you get so close?

  4. SighMan

    This is an amazing shot!! Cropped? What focal length? (just being nosy :D)

  5. zulluzoe

    You know how to make an old croc look beautiful 🙂 You have inspired me to get a creative croc shot one day

  6. Jennifer

    LOL I just love this shot! He’s so cute!

  7. Regular Guy

    Wow, great shot. That is a keeper for the wall. How close did you get?

  8. Ed

    DUDE! Thats an AMAZING SHOT!!!!!

  9. shaduly

    These reptiles swallow large stones that stay permanently in their bellies. It’s been suggested these are used for ballast in diving.


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