Awwwwww Nuts!!

by | Jul 19, 2009 | 19 comments

Nut-SkinMy ‘creative’ side is under maintenance at the moment for various reasons, so I had to satisfy with this shot of nuts!!

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  1. chloe

    although i don’t know exactly what these’s a nice photo, i like the pink tones

  2. dibear

    I’m with Chloe, these are beautiful nuts. What are they? Nice job as always Nivin. 🙂

  3. Gina at CTG Ponies

    I’m not sure what they are either but it’s a very cool pic.

  4. paintsmh

    I don’t know what it is along with everyone else. But I love it!

  5. Shirley

    Do tell, what kind of nuts? Really like the colour.

  6. Carsten

    Very nice composition of colors. I haven’t any guesses…

  7. Ebie

    Love the combination of color. So does everybody else, what kind of nut is it?

  8. Ed

    Very cool, even though I too have no idea what they are..:-)

  9. myfrenchkitchen

    Mmm, very very clever! Your creative side is definitely not in any slumber. I think I know what it is, I’m just wondering how you got hold of it, surely this is not from your garden is it? And I remember you mentioning that you love cooking! I won’t give away what it is to let everybody wonder some more. Maybe I can throw in my guess tomorrow? Could I give a hint…starts with an “m” or also “n”?

  10. Sherri

    No idea here, either, but really love the composition of this macro shot. I’d say your creative side is doing just fine.

  11. flowerweaver

    Wow! What texture and color. I don’t recognize them either, but they are indeed interesting!

  12. Linda

    I’ve absolutely no idea either but I love the composition!

  13. Far Side of Fifty Photos

    Great photo..never seen them the red stuff.. I am curious about it too:)

  14. WidBlack

    Hi everyone, I never thought this shot would make you all so curious!
    These are known as Nutmegs!
    You are right Ronell! 😀 Great guess work!

  15. Jennifer

    Ohhhh, nutmegs! Great shot!

  16. Andea Baker

    what a beautiful shot of nuts. I love the mix of colors.


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