Angel watching over!!!

by | Apr 8, 2009 | 6 comments


A day with birds – 10 of 10


  1. Bhupesh

    Perfect catch………

  2. Anthony

    Incredible moment you captured here. The desaturated colors work very well. This just really works.

    Zack’s work is awesome, but I lvove that video even more. It helps so much to know that people who are really really great feel the same way we (or at least I) do sometimes.

    I’m hoping the new format will make it easier for me to integrate things like that video, but it definitely takes away some of the impact.

  3. sanju

    am waiting for this pic to get selcted BIG TIME!

    • wildblack

      Thanks Sanju..I really love this photo.

  4. Beyond Bluestockings

    How perfect that it was that particular pigeon, rather than an ordinary grey one. It’s worth a long look, that shot.

  5. Wildblack

    Thanks Beyond Bluestockings, I really appreciate it!


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