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  1. lynnwiles

    Beautiful shot. Uncommonly interesting series on the common pigeon.

    • wildblack

      Thanks Lynn. Glad you like the theme of this series.

  2. chloë

    heyy, i’ve been around, you know working & going out; aka not photographing
    this weekend i intend to get out & photograph i’ll give panoramic a try too
    no that’s not my painting, it’s a painting i bought especially for my bedroom
    CS3 is going okay i think (lol)
    i will select my fav. photographs of yours tomorrow to help you out, sorry i haven’t done it sooner

    you have excellent timing with your photographs 🙂
    i like the tones in this one, rather beautiful

  3. chloë

    i think this one would be good for; wildlife

  4. chloë

    hello friend(!) hopefully my comments make sense for you, i picked out a few photographs & hopefully they will match your cataegories for the competition
    when is it(?)
    i tried panromic stitching today, checkout the thumb nail; you can open it up bigger
    it ended up being 10,000 pixels wide, is that normal(?) LOL, i shrunk it to 2000

  5. Anthony

    I still can’t get over how much I live the way the light hits the wings.

    Redscale film is just regular film pulled out of the canister (in the dark, of course) and turned around. Because the translucent orange-red base is now in front of instead of behind the film, it acts like a filter since the light goes through it first, and the results come out, well, you see the examples. It’s easy and a lot of fun, and can be done with pretty much any color negative film.

    I do think this theme presents photos really well, it just makes it tough to enter anything else. The width really is a pain- WordPress is not well set up for photos.

  6. Anthony

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was playing music at a city about halfway back home on Friday night, so I went the rest of the way back for the holiday. It was nice, but so short it was stressful.

  7. sanju

    wow.. i would jusss say someone got lucky with dat shot!” said by jealouse me 😛

  8. sandhya

    nice…..effect,frame and theme…..


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