1. chloë

    yeah i’m keen for the falling leaves & bare tress to happen
    where are you situated(?)
    cents & sensibility is about a young ambitious woman (stella) who’s got the great job but shit love life. her farther has had heaps of wives & numerous children along the way. stella doesn’t keep men around for long, but she meets a guy that she falls in love with then she discovers via a trashy magazine that he’s worth millions. they kind of fall apart for a while but then they work things about & live happily ever after(?)
    i’ve made it sound really dull : (
    explain it to me, was using my nikon coolpix p80; it has an amaing macro setting : )

    this is AMAZING
    the silhouettes in the bottom frame add something special

  2. globetrotteri

    Love the contrast of dark shadows and light.

  3. chloë

    i think everyone writes so their readers can relate; it makes my writting more worthwhile to me
    thanks, i took your comment as a compliment

    this really is a big sunset 🙂

  4. Henry G L

    Great frame dude! i contrast is superb and am still wondering how d beach got so vacant. Pefect romantic eve’

    good job!!!!

  5. Anthony

    Wow- really nice capture here. I love the tones in the sky and subtle silhouetted people.

    The D90 is a fantastic camera, and up to the task for almost anything you could ask from a digital camera. That said, I think a lot of my recent development has come from shooting film, which I’ve only been doing for a little over six months now. I got my first digital SLR almost three years ago, shot with it exclusively for two (and learned a little), and started fooling around with 35mm film in a Ricoh SLR last August. I started developing my own black and white film not long after, and in February I sold my digital SLR (though I have the intention of getting another one, probably a D200, soon, I really wasn’t using it at all). Something about 35mm has forced me to get better at visualizing the image I’m going to make, and to prioritize what I want to try (between film and developing some of my rolls are around $10, which makes wasted exposures add up pretty quickly). Though I am definitely not anti-digital (I can’t wait to stick the new 35mm f/1.8 on my soon-to-exist D200 and go shooting), I think film can teach us a lot by forcing us to think differently.

    The Yashica Electro 35 is a legendary rangefinder. Which version do you have? There’s a GX and a GSN that I know of, and maybe a few other varieties. These cameras are known for great fast lenses, and are definitely still worth using. The only caveat I can see is that the Electro 35s are aperture-priority, so if you want to do things with manual settings, you’re out of luck (unless you want to manipulate the ISO dial to trick the camera into over or underexposing). Does the camera work? If so, I would put a roll in and see what happens. That’s what I did with my Ricoh, and look at the mess it’s gotten me into.


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