1. chloë

    i could see your photographs in NG, : )
    i appreciate that you went back through my blog. i can imagine how different you view ‘home in may’ now.
    it’s hard, i’ll be honest. as much as i want this time to be ‘the last time’ & i want him to change, to be healthy & happy; i can’t help but keep myself realistic & not get my hopes up too high
    he’s currently in a drug rehabilitation program through jail & we’ll find out soon if he will definitely be home in may. thankyou for asking

    p.s that’s my new baby (jetski) i got him (cause he’s manly, lol) two weeks ago
    he’s a 2006 vx110 sport & he goes real fast 😀
    i’m hoping to get out on him next weekend & will definitely post photographs

    when i came here to post my responce i didn’t expect to see a new photograph 🙂
    i’m in awe of this photograph
    what shutter speed did you use(?)
    it’s like in slow motion, amazing
    i love the effect the reeds have too 🙂

  2. chloë

    we probably met blog’s at the perfect time. we’re both learning our D90’s & where i’m lacking i can learn from you & visa versa : )
    have you photographed fireworks with your D90 yet(?) i did look through your achieves, but found nothing.
    iresize my photographs, down from 5000 pixels to around 800 wide to fit into my wordpress (i upload them into photobucket then post the html straight into the post), because i found when loading them in straight into wordpress they distorted them & ruined my photograph logos : /

  3. Anthony

    Thank you for the compliments. I’d love to share any advice that could be of help.

    This is an awesome shot- the silhouette in the foreground adds a really interesting layer, and fits very nicely into the bottom third of the frame. Really nice composition on this one.

  4. chloë

    that weather was a one-of. we never have weather that extreme
    i’m from victoria, the weather is cold now it’s autumn lol
    our normal weather, well it’s never “normal” we can have four seasons in one day(!)
    the book was cents & sensibility by maggie alderson, one of my all time favs
    the fish eye function is tres cool definitely give it a go : )


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