..even the slightest yellow shade can make the things or picture glow. Being an artist myself, the main base colour of almost all the paintings would be Yellow.

I went for the F1  Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012 and trust me it was an amazing experience… except the sound of the cars, its deafening.

Check out the complete F1 Album here or from the Photoseries.

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  1. Ed

    Cool shot..:-)

  2. aurora

    Great shot, and yes – not what was expected. You are right, most anything with sunlight takes on a yellow hue.

  3. Henry G L

    Yes, yellow is all about the glow that can add to a picture. Great shot.

  4. Mark

    Sensational shot

  5. adinparadise

    How exciting to actually be there. 🙂 Love this shot. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog.

  6. Phil Lanoue

    Excellent! Seeing an F1 event must have been an amazing experience!

  7. GB

    That is an excellent shot. Well done.

  8. ladyfi

    Wow – superb shot!


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