Healthy diet

by | Nov 17, 2012 | 14 comments

Healthy diet is all about having a balanced diet. My favourite snack while watching movie is fruit salad with ice cream.

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  1. Henry G L

    beautiful shot and well arranged fruit basket, am with you on fruit salad and ice cream

  2. Ed

    Cool shot, now I’m craving some fruit..:-)

  3. Eva

    Lovely fruit basket. I’m all with you on the fruit salad and ice cream.

  4. dibear

    Beautiful picture. What is the fuzzy fruit?

  5. Lori Skoog

    Great shot and a perfect snack. I would love it minus the ice cream…

  6. George61d

    Great shot. I like the water spray on it makes it seems very fresh and vita.

  7. HansHB

    Great photo!
    A still-leben!

  8. aurora

    Beautiful presentation, of delicious fruit!

  9. Wayne

    I’m a big fan of fruit as well, I eat at least one piece pretty much every day. Mine however, doesn’t look at appetizing as yours! Nicely done!

  10. mj@cardamomhills

    I love this shot and especially the water droplets…looks gorgeous…

  11. Carol Carson

    The water droplets bring an unusual texture to your beautiful fruit display. I, too, eat LOTS of fruit (vegan, so minus the ice cream).

  12. kulasa

    now that is one awesome shot….and such a wonderful thought too…reminds me to keep a healthy diet…fruits indeed are the best snack 🙂 love all your photos here in your page….have a great day 🙂


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