MacroMonday:Water Strider!

by | Aug 17, 2009 | 24 comments

My name is.. Strider! Waterrr Striderrr!

WaterMan Water Striders, the insects that literally walk on water. Also known as Pond Skaters, these bugs don’t float but instead take advantage of the water’s surface tension! CooooL! 😀

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  1. wildstorm

    Wow. Great capture. Interesting.

  2. Holly

    oh wow! That is some awesome photo!

  3. kateri

    They are such cool bugs, aren’t they? Hilaire Bulloc has a great little poem about the water strider I used to recite as a kid–haven’t thought about that for years.

    The Water Strider here shall teach
    A sermon far beyond our reach:
    He flabbergasts the Human Race
    By gliding on the water’s face
    With ease, celerity, and grace;
    But if he ever stopped to think
    Of how he did it, he would sink.
    Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)

  4. ann chin

    cool! I thought this is a robot with those straight mtel legs.

  5. Lisa

    Very nice!

  6. chloe

    i’ve never seen or heard of these guys before! awesome
    i’d love to be able to ‘walk on water’ or glide, how fun would that be 🙂

  7. Ed

    Very cool, did’nt know about the water tension, good info..:-)

  8. threecollie

    Wow, that is simply an amazing shot!

  9. dibear

    Very interesting. Nice shot.

  10. Quinn

    That is such an fascinating subject! I like the shadows in the shot.

  11. thecrazysheeplady

    Great shot. Interesting subject and excellent portrait.

  12. Colleen

    I’m not sure I even want to know what you used to capture that picture. I know I’d have to run out and buy one…I love it!

  13. Mari

    Amazing shot, your pictures are always some of my favorites.

  14. Laughing Orca Ranch

    W.O.W! I’ve never been that close to one before…..don’t think I’d want to either. But man, your picture makes it look like modern art! Cool!


  15. flowerweaver

    Those are the coolest insects to watch. Did you know they made little kayak-foot pontoons so people could move around on flat water like them? Only you stand and use a paddle. I saw it demonstrated once on a lake. It must have either been very difficult or not very fun or I suppose we’d be seeing more of them around!

    Great photo!

  16. gtyyup

    Awesome!! I’m sure I see the lil’ guy smilin’ at ya!

  17. zulluzoe

    nice capture!! If you hadn’t told me what it was I would have thought it was a kids toy 🙂
    They are weird looking things.

  18. myfrenchkitchen

    Great! I’ve tried before and just can’t get them neat like you1

  19. Celeste

    Awesome shot, it looks like some king of mechanised scifi creature!

  20. Regular Guy

    Excellent capture. Very cool indeed.

  21. Patches

    Wow! That is a fascinating pic! Great job!

  22. Jan

    amazing very cool pix!

  23. Gina at CTG Ponies

    Great shot! They don’t stand still for very long so I have not idea how you managed it.

  24. Nadiya

    Fantastic shot Dude! It’s already time to move on to a much sharper micro lens 😉


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