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  1. Lisa

    I think my comment is the same as thecrazysheeplady!!!

  2. kcjewel

    how DID you do that?

  3. Henry G L

    I think i got the answer for all above, Its juz another creativity from WB’……..u rocks dude. I know the dedication he had for this event and it was all worth the efforts

  4. chloe

    hey buddy 🙂 this is wicked!
    was it 12 photos & you stitched it(?) tres cool x

  5. Steffie

    That is really amazing! You have got it exactly right. Very clever. You could use this pic as a tutorial on how to kitesurf 😉

  6. dibear

    Now that’s just way cool. You are so very creative. 🙂

  7. Nadiya

    I do remember the series you put on kite surfing. As always you are getting more creative as you keep on winking 😉 😉

  8. kateri

    Me too, I want to know how you did that! That is amazing.


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