The Sunday Still from me. Theme: Flowers And Plants!!!

I’m so happy to be a part of this group with these kinda AWESOME challenges. Thanks Ed for the great Idea for bringing people together and for the challenging assignments. Good Luck to ALL.

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  1. andrea

    WOW! Fantastic shot! Welcome to Sunday Stills…glad you joined us! šŸ™‚

  2. VioletSky

    Welcome aboard!
    You will be great fun to watch.

  3. gtyyup

    Welcome!!! That is an amazing shot!

  4. Ed

    SWEET SHOT! Glad to have you aboard!

  5. Mari

    Welcome to SundayStill, beautiful picture.

  6. andylane78

    Beautiful colours framed in a wonderful composition.

  7. chloƫ

    hey hey buddy (*smiles* ’cause you called me mate, lol)
    how are you(?)
    we’re offically cool kids for joining sunday stills, we gotta get anthony on the bandwagon; ooow i’m creative šŸ˜‰
    yeah that’s it, this photo is hideous

  8. chloƫ

    joking joking :):) you know i think your photography is amzaing & very ispiring
    what kind of flower is this(?)
    did you use a blue filter(?) x

  9. chloƫ

    nivin, didn’t you read the comment i put after it(?)
    i was just kiddin buddy
    i love this; like i said i think your photography is amazing & very inspirational

    the light & angel of this one is perfection i’m very envious

  10. Annette

    OMG this shot is amazing! How did you get the blue?? I am inspired.

  11. WildBlack

    Hi Annette, I used a blue filter. Thank you

  12. chloƫ

    šŸ™‚ aww good
    very good
    i’m excited for sunday stills b&w you got any ideas(?)
    i’m thinking maybe people

  13. chloƫ

    yeah, we’ve gotta pick two subjects & shoot them in b&w with a twist

  14. chloƫ

    sounds good yes šŸ™‚
    i don’t know i’m trying to figure that out lol
    maybe over exposure(?)

  15. Linda

    This is just simply amazing!! I love it, the composition is excellent!

  16. KacyK

    A Wowsa! Cna barely breath for the beauty ! Thanks for this and for the nice comments on my horsey blog!
    Nice to meet up with you too!

  17. Tony McQueen

    Very cool pic and very nice to meet you as well;)

  18. chloƫ

    will keep you “up to date” on the twist front

  19. WildBlack

    Thanks Andrea, I’m happy to be a part of sunday stills challenges.
    Thanks VioletSky, Its a lot of fun.
    Thanks gtyyup, for giving me a warm welcome.
    Thanks Ed, I’m glad to be a part of this.
    Thanks Mari, Nice to meet you.
    Thanks Iheartfilm,
    Thanks Andy,
    Thanks Linda for your kind words
    Thanks Threecollie,
    Thanks Kac for your awesome comment.
    Thanks Tony Mcqueen, Nice to meet you too.
    Thanks Buddy for your amazing support. šŸ˜€

  20. Regular Guy

    Very nice detailed shot. You must have a lot of patience to get this right. Great job.

  21. WildBlack

    Thanks Regular guy, I do spend time on my photography!

  22. chloƫ

    good nivin šŸ™‚ today was a good day, how was your day(?)
    p.s i tried out the elegant style logo you made, let me know how you think it looks šŸ™‚

  23. chloƫ

    yes i did, much clearer that way šŸ™‚
    ok, well good to hear, approach each day with a smile mate
    -must email with updates on the B&W had an idea-

  24. Anthony

    I am now two days away from being done- my last final is Friday night. It’s gone well, but I need to keep it together on this last final.

    I wish I performed on stages that looked that nice. We’ve been playing some parties, some gigs for the school (the one I played on Saturday was a University-sponsored party), and some benefit shows for various causes. We’re actually appearing on a local radio station tomorrow. This looks . . . much too awesome for us. To be fair, I am not a huge fan of our music anyway (I just love performing), and I’m sort of writing my own stuff on the side. (don’t tell anyone!). Glad this reminded you of me though. I do really really love performing.

    The D200 makes me sad every day as it sits. Come this weekend it should be back out of its cage.

    PS This shot is awesome. I can’t wait to get in on this Sunday Stills thing with you guys.

  25. Jennifer

    Wow what a beautiful shot!! Sorry its taken me so long to get to your post! I never imagined that we would have so many people doing this! But I love your photo! Great job! And Welcome to the Sunday Stills!

  26. Pete

    Great creation. Crazy Web site.

  27. najeem


  28. Steffie

    Hey, I missed this one. Stunning shot. Or rather creation. Don’t know how you did it, but is absolutely beautiful.

  29. Henry G L

    Truely amazin work mate! i trust ur talent, u’ll fly high 4 sure. Keep it up.


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